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The firing technology in roller kilns has undergone a great development during the years. It obtained increasingly higher performances in the field of tiles and it began being used also in different production areas.
Consequently the ceramic roller itself underwent the same evolution - sometimes being itself the promoter of such general improvement.
The market is now asking for high-quality rollers suitable to grant excellent performances in different application fields, in several types of production and, not least, in different zones of the kiln.
Sirtec has the best answer to any need

Sirtec Srl<br />Quality and guarantee

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New Roller Helical Profile "HPR"

The continuos research for optimization of production process and exchange of information with end users, has led Sirtec S.r.l. to develop  a new roller with helical profile. HPR  roller imp
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Siroll® LP

This roller is definitely the product that best penetrates all the positive characteristics required by users. This is the quality that finds the greatest extension of use on the market and that best
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Siroll® MTX

The revision of its mixture has resulted in a lightweight roller, with high flexural strength guaranteed by a high Modulus of Elasticity.It also has excellent resistance to thermal shock. It is a rol
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Siroll® LP 60

Roller to be used with excellent results in all areas of the oven including cooking when the user requires greater safety for the most demanding situations for load and / or temperature. Thanks t
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Siroll® LPX 65

Innovative roller that condenses the experience of 40 years in the production of rollers for firing ceramic products, its low density means that it remains perfectly straight, an increasingly decisive
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Siroll® LP 70

This quality is achieved with an extremely high firing cycle: the Siroll LP 70 quality is particularly suitable for firing porcelain stoneware at high temperatures and for all applications that requir
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Siroll® LP 80

Material altamente sinterizado obtenido a partir del uso de materias primas de gran pureza aptas para cargas elevadas como vajillas y sanitarios cargadas por el uso de soportes que determinan un estr&
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Rollers containing a high percentage of silicon carbide on a multifaceted/cordiritic basis designed to reduce deformation problems in the rapid (direct) cooling zone, thus ensuring better flatness of
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Siroll® XL (Chemical Resistant)

Product to meet the sealing needs of the rollers to the aggression generated by the increasingly frequent use of digital decoration.The chemical characteristics of the mixtures make it suitable for us
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